Most seasonings, and this would include liquid marinades, contain many common ingredients found in your spice rack and refrigerator. For the beginner, it is recommended that you start by trying several of the pre-mixed rubs and marinades that are available in your local grocery store or butcher shop. Read the labels and then try several of your choosing to determine which one(s) you most prefer. Once you become more experienced, you may want to start preparing your own marinade and seasoning mixes.

Perhaps the most common mistake beginners make involves the use of spreading (or pouring) barbecue sauce on the meat while it is cooking. The experts advise NOT to do it! The reason being that most commercial barbecue sauces are made with sugar and tomatoes – both of these items burn at very low temperatures. If you want to use barbecue sauces, use them only when the fire has been turned off (gas grill), or, the charcoal is almost out. Allowing the temperature to drop significantly before adding barbecue sauce to the meat will prevent the sauce from burning. The temperature should only be hot enough to dry the liquid out of the sauce, not cook/burn it.