Though it may seem a bit strange to the beginner, it is important that you “season” your grill prior to using it for the first time. Each newly manufactured grill will contain some impurities that are the result of the manufacturing process. Actually, it’s quite simple to “season” a new grill and remove the residue and residual metals by simply building a fire in the grill or barbecue pit and then allowing it to burn at around 350° F for an hour or two. Once the fire has died down [or turned off and cooled for gas grills] simply take some old rags and rub down the cooking grids where the food rests when cooking, along with the inside of the lid. Remove all ashes from charcoal grills and you are then ready for the first formal cookout! How to go about starting the first fire will be discussed later, in the grill or barbecue section.